Charity and community service have always been important to the Randy Rogers Band. Much like any other artist, we receive requests for assistance from countless organizations who are dedicated to the betterment of people’s lives, either through social services or direct funding. From these requests came the idea to host an annual event specifically for the purpose of benefiting various charities.

2009 was the inaugural event held at The Bandit Golf Course in conjunction with RRB’s “For the Sake of the Song” concert (hence the name “For the Sake of the Shot”). Thanks to our dedicated fans and sponsors, the event generated more than $50,000 for the benefitting charity. Since then, “For Sake of the Shot” has raised close to half a million dollars for various charities across the state of Texas.

This year will be the fifth tournament held at the beautiful River Crossing Golf Club in Spring Branch, TX and the 2nd year that proceeds will benefit and hopefully continue spreading awareness and generating even more assistance for, Health Alliance for Austin Musician (HAAM). To learn more about HAAM, follow this link.

We hope to continue this Tournament for many years to come. Randy Rogers Band recognizes the importance of community and sees this as a great opportunity to support the institutions that have given so much to friends and family in need.

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